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From Trauma to Resolution: The Role of Family Lawyers

I interview Annette Lakey, a passionate family lawyer specialising in dispute resolution and negotiation. With over 20 years of experience, Annette understands the pain and trauma that often accompanies family law matters, and she is dedicated to guiding people through the legal complexities, ensuring the best possible outcome with efficiency and compassion. Read further as we delve into Annette's invaluable expertise and her mission to help families find resolution and move forward.

How Annette Became a Family Lawyer, Her Practice, and Her Clients

Annette became a family lawyer after exploring different options following her law degree. She found a natural fit in family law due to its mix of various legal areas and the opportunity to work with people facing real problems. Annette's practice primarily involves assisting separating couples, including those with children, property disputes, and even disputes over pets, offering support and guidance throughout the process. She aims to manage expectations, provide solutions, and help her clients navigate the complexities of family law with empathy and expertise.

Understanding the Legal Profession

The legal profession encompasses different roles: principals, solicitors, and barristers. The principals are the leading partners in law firms, the solicitors are staff lawyers, and the barristers specialise in court arguments. While barristers are hired for complex cases and possess expertise in litigation and cross-examination, solicitors handle more straightforward matters. As a family lawyer, Annette prefers to represent clients outside the courtroom, engaging a barrister only when necessary for intricate issues, as this approach helps avoid the high costs associated with court proceedings.

Explaining Family Law in Simple Terms

In simple terms, a family lawyer helps mummies and daddies who are no longer living together to stay happy and get along as friends, especially for the sake of their kids. They assist in fairly dividing assets like the house, ensuring a positive future for everyone involved, even if living together is no longer an option. The lawyer offers realistic solutions, helping parents understand that keeping the house may not always be ideal and presenting alternative routes to achieve freedom and happiness.

When to Seek a Family Lawyer and What to Expect

If a couple has no assets or children, seeking a family lawyer is usually unnecessary, as divorce can be done online. But if there are significant assets or future expectations, like an inheritance, it's wise to consult a lawyer for a property settlement. It's important to get initial advice from a family lawyer to understand the situation and cost estimates, and finding a lawyer who offers a free consultation can be beneficial. In emergencies, the main lawyer is always available, but a group of solicitors is also ready to address the matter.

Stamp Duty Concession and Considerations When Contacting a Family Lawyer

When transferring properties during a settlement, a stamp duty concession is available, saving you significantly on costs. Keeping the family home offers advantages like avoiding relocation expenses and not having to pay stamp duty when buying another property. Consult a family lawyer to understand your specific situation and consider recommendations and a lawyer who listens to your needs and provides a reasonable cost estimate when choosing the right one for your case.

Deciding on a family lawyer can feel overwhelming. Still, it's crucial to find someone who truly understands your needs to assess your situation and supports you through the legal proceedings with compassion. A family lawyer, Annette prefers representing clients outside the courtroom, collaborating with barristers only when necessary for complex matters. When seeking a family lawyer, it's essential to consult with someone who genuinely listens, provides cost estimates, and can explain the specific considerations and advantages, such as stamp duty concessions, that may apply to your situation.

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