Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence is common in Australia. While it can be called many names, domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour through which one person seeks to control and dominate another person.

Domestic violence is not a single incident but rather an ongoing behaviour that targets the victim’s confidence and ability to defend themselves. Violence tends to escalate and become more frequent over time. 

Physical violence is the most obvious form of domestic violence but by far not the only one. Here are examples of non-physical violence:

  • isolating a victim from family and friends

  • controlling their access to money

  • diminishing their self-esteem through insults

  • preventing them from practicing their religious beliefs

  • intimidating them, and

  • threatening them.


Here are some resources for those affected by domestic / intimate partner violence

Domestic Violence National Hotline

Home | 1800RESPECT

24H support nationally.

Emergency App

An emergency app that allows you to quickly contact emergency services.