Individual Therapy

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed, confused or too anxious to make decisions. We just feel stuck.

You may even be unable to get out of bed and go about your usual things in life. You don't show up to work or stop seeing your friends. 

Or you may be unable to shake off disturbing thoughts that seem to be replaying in your head like on a loop. You feel lost and just want some peace. Or the stress of life stops you from being the best you can be.

Individual therapy can help. As professional and tertiary qualified and registered counsellors and psychotherapists, we help with a diverse range of issues. Our clients usually struggle with anxiety, depression, grief and loss and want to regain control and find clarity in their lives.


Common issues we can help with​

- Interpersonal relationships

- Feeling stressed and anxious

- Grief and loss

- Feeling depressed or unmotivated to do anything

- Life changes and transitions

- Just someone to talk to

Meet Irene


Hello, I'm Irene and I have trained as a professional counsellor in London UK. I'm bilingual and I offer counselling in both English and Italian.

Like my colleagues, I lived in different countries during my lifetime and I'm passionate about cultural diversity and the richness that brings to people's lives.


I'm an Integrative counsellor and I blend the Humanistic and Psychodynamic approaches into my practice. This means I work with different aspects of each approach according to the client's individual needs. I also draw from other approaches like Trauma therapy, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Attachment theory and Somatic therapy.

I support people through different stages of their lives and with different issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, relocation, grief and loss and personal development. I have a special interest in working with women's related issues: motherhood, women affected by hormonal changes, women affected by family violence and sexual assault.



Meet Aanushka


I am a tertiary qualified counsellor who focuses on Couples and Family Therapy using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

My specialties include: couples therapy, young adults psychotherapy, anxiety, depression and psychological distress, as well as training in wellbeing. I have a unique multicultural philosophy, multilingual ability, and a range of valuable experience. I am a very passionate, energetic and driven individual who strives to enhance people’s mental health and well-being and guide them toward an unlimited and meaningful life.


I have a Masters of Counselling from Monash University and a Bachelor of Psychology.
I am also a Level 2 Member of the Australian Counselling Association. 


Location and Prices

We are privately located in a newly refurbished space in Carbine Way, Mornington. We only operate two counselling rooms and hope our  clients of all ages enjoy the personal and comfortable feel of our practice. 


$140 for 60min face-to-face/online sessions

We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, therefore if you are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out and we'll figure something out.

Get Help.

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15 Carbine Way Mornington VIC 3931 (entry through the grey/blue façade)

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